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Definition of abrasive wear wear processes wear

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Unformatted text preview: f abrasive wear. WEAR PROCESSES WEAR Asperity Metal Abrasive, plowing wear (THA and TKA) Adhesive wear particle adherent to metal (THA and TKA) PE Component Crack propagated by cyclic loading results in fatigue (delamination) wear (TKA) Page 3 WEAR PROCESSES Asperity Metal Abrasive wear (THA and TKA) PE Solutions are a scratch-resistant metal/ceramic counterface (and abrasion-resistant PE – x-linked PE?) WEAR PROCESSES WEAR Metal Adhesive wear PE Component Solution: X-linked PE appears to resist adhesive wear Page 4 WEAR PROCESSES WEAR Metal PE Component Adhesive wear particle transferred to metal (THA) Problem relates to lubrication WEAR PROCESSES WEAR Metal PE Component Cracks are due to oxidation and pre-existing fusion defects Page 5 γ-Radiation-Induced Oxidation Photos removed due to copyright restrictions. Fusion Defects Sutula, et al Sutula, et Radiation-induced x-linking Radiationx- WEAR PROCESSES WEAR Metal Solution: do not sterilize with g -radiation in air and start with better consolidated PE PE Component Crack propagated by fatigue (delamination) wear Page 6 EFFECT OF GAMMA RADIATION ON PE: OXIDATION Diagram of PE crystallite structure removed due to copyright restrictions. GAMMA-RADIATION INDUCED GAMMA MODIFICATION...
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