The lasting effect of an ha injection may be related

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Unformatted text preview: of an HA injection may be related to its stimulation of the endogenous production of HA by the synovium. • How does the synovial membrane in the TJA patients compare with that in the OA patient? Page 20 No difference between HA and placebo (saline) with respect to pain relief in OA pts. Graph removed due to copyright restrictions. L.S. Lohmander, et al., Ann. Rheum. Dis., 55:424 (1996) CORROSION CORROSION • Contributes to degradation of mechanical properties of implants • Releases metal ions that can elicit an adverse biological response Page 21 Several slides removed due to copyright restrictions. - Diagram of concentration cell - Anodic and Cathodic reactions - Table of electrochemical series of metals with normal electrochemical potentials - How oxygen-depleted crevices foster corrosion Page 22...
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