problem29_59 - W r B d B 2 2 ) ( = = Φ The total flux...

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29.59: From Ampere’s law (Example 28.9), the magnetic field inside the wire, a distance r from the axis, is . 2 ) ( 2 0 R Ir r B π μ = Consider a small strip of length W and width dr that is a distance r from the axis of the wire. The flux through the strip is dr r R IW dr
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Unformatted text preview: W r B d B 2 2 ) ( = = Φ The total flux through the rectangle is ∫ ∫ = = Φ = Φ 4 2 2 IW dr r R IW d R B B Note that the result is independent of the radius R of the wire....
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