midtermassgnment - BE.430/2.795/6.561/10.539/HST.544...

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Unformatted text preview: ________________________________________________ BE.430/2.795/6.561/10.539/HST.544 Midterm Handed out: Friday Oct. 28 Paper Due: Tuesday Nov. 10 by 5pm ________________________________________________ MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT Paper: Ramirez, P. et al. "Synthetic nanopores with fixed charges: An electrodiffusion model for ionic transport." Physical Review E , 68:011910, 2003. Assignment: The global objective is to read, understand, and provide a detailed critique-review of the journal article in the form of a paper. The paper is to be no more than 20 pages in length, single spaced, including any pasted-in figures, graphs, etc that you may wish to generate, as well as a bibliography listing any additional references that you may wish to quote or consult. Each paper will present the combined efforts of a team of 3 people; on your cover page, please list the three co-authors. Each Team can "assign" each of its members to perform specific tasks (e.g., (a) to understand and critique the "bio"-content of the article, (b) to check-critique the transport formulation,...
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midtermassgnment - BE.430/2.795/6.561/10.539/HST.544...

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