hw3 - _ BEH.430/2.795/6.561/10.539/HST.544 Homework Set 3...

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________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ BEH.430/2.795//6.561/10.539/HST.544 Homework Set 3 Handed out: Friday, Oct. 1, 2004 Due: Friday, Oct. 8 by 5pm
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Problem 3.1 – Boyden Chamber Assay Consider the popular Boyden chamber assay for measuring leukocyte chemotactic response to a chemoattractant, in which a quasi-steady-state linear attractant concentration gradient is established for a number of hours across a porous matrix (see motivating paper, Schagat, T. L. et al. "Surfactant protein A differentially regulates peripheral and inflammatory neutrophil chemotaxis." Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 284 (2003): L140–L147.) The matrix is situated between two reservoirs of media at the top and bottom of volumes V t and V b , respectively. The cells are placed on the top of the matrix to migrate from there (x=0) to the bottom (x=L). The cell density at the top of the matrix is sufficiently great that it remains approximately constant, C 0 . Upon reaching the bottom of the matrix, the cells quickly fall off onto a filter paper. Thus, the number of cells collected on the filter over any desired time period can be counted. The experiment can be run with an attractant gradient of any magnitude, either from bottom- to-top or top-to-bottom, or with no gradient at all (i.e., with uniform attractant concentration of any level across the matrix). a) Set up the appropriate leukocyte density conservation equation and boundary/initial conditions to model this assay presuming that the experiment will be conducted largely during the time- period during which the attractant concentration gradient is roughly steady.
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hw3 - _ BEH.430/2.795/6.561/10.539/HST.544 Homework Set 3...

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