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lec_20_slides - spherical cells into micropipets"...

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BE.410 Spring 2003 - Lecture 20 Images removed due to copyright considerations. The following articles and research were discussed in this lecture. Rawicz, W. et al. "Effect of Chain Length and Unsaturation on Elasticity of Lipid Bilayers." Biophysical Journal 79 (July 2000) 328-339. See Figure 1. Evan, E. and W. Rawicz. "Entropy-driven tension and bending elasticity in condensed-fluid membranes." Physical Review Letters 64: 2094-2097 (1990). See Figure 2. Evans, E. and A. Yeung. "Cortical shell-liquid core model for passive flow of liquid-like
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Unformatted text preview: spherical cells into micropipets." Biophysical Journal 56(1):139-49 (July 1989). Research on Neutrophils by R.M. Hochmuth, Duke University. See his website at duke.edu. Schmidtke, D.W. and S. L. Diamond. "Direct Observation of Membrane Tethers Formed during Neutrophil Attachment to Platelets or P-selectin under Physiological Flow." Journal of Cell Biology, 149(3): 719-730 (May 1, 2000). See Figure 1 and full article at http://www.jcb.org/cgi/content/full/149/3/719. Cortical networks in erythrocytes±...
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