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2.79J/3.96J/20.441J/HST522J Biomaterials - Tissue Interactions Homework #2 1. Cell Adhesion a. A scientist has developed a method for depositing laminin on the surface of tissue culture dishes. She expects to make a fortune by selling these dishes as improved adhesion surfaces for in vitro studies of all types of cell. What is your opinion? b. Is it possible that cell culture dishes could be developed with specific coatings for the culturing of certain cells? Explain. c. How is it that most types of cells in culture will adhere to plastic dishes manufactured with no protein coating? 2. Role of Integrins in Wound Healing If dermis were injected with an agent that blocked the integrins of the constituent fibroblasts how would the unit cell processes associated with healing of a wound be affected? 3. Treatment to Prevent Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a disease associated with an imbalance in the bone remodeling process, with a net loss of bone due to resorption ( i.e ., degradation). An investigator plans to treat the
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MIT20_441JF09_hw2 - 2.79J/3.96J/20.441J/HST522J...

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