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2.79J/3.96J/BEH.441/HST522J Biomaterials - Tissue Interactions Homework #7 1. A set of force vs time data has been obtained using the cell force monitor (Fig. 1). The system consists of fibroblasts supported on an analog of the extracellular matrix in culture medium. The data have been fitted well at each level of the cell density using the following equation: f (t) = f [1-exp(-kt)] where f and k are constants. Derive df(t)/dt and calculate its limiting values at t = 0 and t = . Describe an analytical procedure for measuring k. 2. Assume for the moment that the cells in this system act noncooperatively, i.e., independently of each other. Derive a mathematical relation between the limiting value of df(t)/dt at t = 0, i.e., (df/dt) 0 , and the cell density D. 3. Tests for cell-cooperativity. (A) Assume that a problem has developed in your laboratory with the cell culture medium. As a result, the cells have started to behave irreproducibly after staying 4 h in the medium. You are limited to data obtained before t = 4 h. Can data obtained at t <4 h
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MIT20_441JF09_hw7 - 2.79J/3.96J/BEH.441/HST522J...

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