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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Engineering Division Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science BEH.410/2.798J/6.524J/10.539J Molecular, Cellular & Tissue Biomechanics, Spring 2003 Problem Set #4 Issued: 3/12/03 Due: 4/2/03 This assignment is to formulate plans for your term paper. Please hand in 4/2/03 in class: (a) A tentative title (indicating whether you will do a Critical Review or a Short Proposal); (b) a tentative list of references that will form the basis for your review or proposal; (c) a short abstract summarizing your topic and how you will approach it. You will, of course, still have the flexibility to modify or add to your choice. This assignment is to help you get started and to stimulate discussion of the suitability of a given topic. Please consider all aspects of the course in making your selection, even those that might be taught later on in the term. TERM PAPER DUE: May 9, 2003 FORMAT: Two alternatives – choose one (MAXIMUM length = 7 pp): 1. Write a SHORT PROPOSAL-NIH Style on any biomechanical subject, using the guidelines that follow (you might find some of the papers from the reading list useful). 2. Write a
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2011 for the course BIO 20.410j taught by Professor Rogerd.kamm during the Spring '03 term at MIT.

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term_paper - Massachusetts Institute of Technology...

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