lecture_1_Notes - 2+ channels) Synaptic plasticity (LTP and...

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Neural Plasticity and Learning and Memory 7.97J/9.301J Spring 2003 Synopsis of Lecture #1, INTRODUCTION 1. Basic Issues in Learning and Memory Research 2. Memory Classification Associative/Nonassociative Declarative (Explicit)/Nondeclarative (Implicit) Episodic (Event) "Remembering" Semantic (Fact) "Knowing" 3. Learning and Memory Phases Acquisition (Encoding) Consolidation Recall Reconsolidation Extinction and forgetting 4. Brain Systems for Learning and Memory and Associated Cognitive Functions PFC (Prefrontal cortex) Sensory Association Motor Cortex Cortex Cortex Basal Ganglai MTL (Medial temporal lobe) 5. Memory Traces Hebbian synapses Encoding, NMDA receptors (coincidence detector, Ca
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Unformatted text preview: 2+ channels) Synaptic plasticity (LTP and LTD) Place cells (memory traces at the network level) Consolidation: Transcription and translation dependency Synaptic tagging Structural plasticity (size and number of synapses) HP CX "transfer" (system level consolidation) Rhythmic oscillation in sleep Recall, reactivation of memory traces: "Pattern completion" Reconsolidation 6. Multilayer Organization of Brain and Multilevel Analysis Molecular and cellular Synaptic physiology In vivo physiology and imaging Behavioral studies and noninvasive imaging Computational and modeling...
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lecture_1_Notes - 2+ channels) Synaptic plasticity (LTP and...

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