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7.29 J 9.09 Cellular Neurobiology Answers to 2005 Midterm Test Question 1. a) Bacterial Toxin . These are tetanus toxin and botulinum toxin , various components of which bind to identified synaptic proteins (e.g. synaptobrevin, syntaxin) and verify their involvement in synaptic docking and exocytosis. b) Calmodukin. A small (5000 Dalton) protein which binds four calcium ions and changes shape acting as an adaptor for the second-messenger calcium in molecules such as CaM Kinase II . c) Node of Ranvier. One of many periodic gaps in the meyelination of meyelinated axons. This is the locus of sodium and potassium conduction in saltatory conduction of the action potential. d) Orbelli effect. Sympathetic stimulation of an animal potentiates transmission at its neuromuscular junctions (synapses). f) Yeast mutants. Yeast sec mutants, involved in vesicle fusion in Golgi trafficking , are homologous in sequence to some synaptic vesicle proteins , arguing for their functional role in vesicle docking and release. g) DDT. Insecticide ( The Silent Spring ) specifically blocks inactivation of the voltage-dependent sodium conductance channel. h) Cobalt. Blocks calcium entry through voltage gated calcium channels, interferes with synaptic transmission in Miledi and Katz's iontophoresis experiments. i) B Cell. Big cell in sympathetic ganglion; responds to LHRH but indirectly,: . j) Freeze fracture. Electron microscopic technique used in fast-freezing experiments by Heuser et al. on neuromuscular junction to verify vesicle fusion with presynaptic terminal membrwane. Question 2. A. The patch had to be i nside-out so that the added PKA catalytic subunit could act on the cytoplasmic face of the membrane. 1 9.09J/7.29J - Cellular Neurobiology, Spring 2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department of Biology Instructors: Professors William Quinn and Troy Littleton
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B. The electronics is a little voltage clamp
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mdtm_2005_answrs - 9.09J/7.29J - Cellular Neurobiology,...

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