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7.29 J 9.09 Cellular Neurobiology Midterm Test 16 March, 2005 Answer Question 1 and four of the five others . Each answer is worth 20 points. If you answer all six questions the first five will be graded. No books, no notes, no cooperation permitted. Calculators are allowed. All questions have specific answers. It is to your advantage to be brief. You may use telegraphic rather than grammatical English if you wish, so long as your reasoning is made clear. Question 1. Identify the following and indicate how they relate to the course, : (2 points each) a)Bacterial toxin (What bacterium or bacteria?) b) Calmodulin c) Node of Ranvier d) Orbelli Effect e) Yeast mutants f) Snake Toxin (What snake or snakes?) g) DDT h) Cobalt i) B Cell j) Freeze Fracture Question 2 Shown below is a (detached)patch-clamp recording from an Aplysia sensory neuron (The data were shown in class). 1 [OVER] 9.09J/7.29J - Cellular Neurobiology, Spring 2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department of Biology Instructors: Professors William Quinn and Troy Littleton
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A. Do you think the parch clamp was inside-out or outside-out? Why? (2 points) B. What is the function of the electronics in such a patch-clamp recording? (3 points)
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midterm_2005 - 9.09J/7.29J Cellular Neurobiology Spring...

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