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MIT OpenCourseWare 5.95J / 6.982J / 7.59J / 8.395J / 18.094J Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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s 5.95 (Spring 2009) Homework 1 Due in class on Tuesday, 10 Feb 2009 . Reading The readings mentioned below are linked from the ‘readings’ section of the website. At the beginning of class on Tuesday (10 Feb), please turn in the index card mentioned below. The index card has two purposes: (1) to give a structure for reading before class; and (2) to show me what you find most interesting about the readings and their relation to teaching. 1. Chunking Read the famous paper on chunking by George Miller. As you read it, think about how this information can help one teach equations. On one side of an index card, write down one question that occurs to you about the paper or because of reading the paper. Please write your name on the card!
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MIT5_95js09_hw01 - MIT OpenCourseWare http/

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