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Quiz #1 Page 1 of 1 7.98J/9.301J QUIZ #1 SYNAPTIC PLASTICITY Mechanisms for modifying the strength of synaptic connections play a fundamental role in the process of synaptic plasticity (LTP, LTD, etc.). However, it is often difficult to pinpoint the locus (pre- vs. post-synaptic) of these modifications in the CNS. This complication arises from the fact that it may be possible to change several different parameters for either the pre- or post-synaptic terminal, and induce the same overall effect of increased/decreased strength at
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Unformatted text preview: any given synapse. For both the pre- and post-synaptic side: 1) List all of the parameters that could undergo modifications. 2) For each of these possibilities, outline an experimental approach that could potentially determine if that particular parameter indeed plays a role in modifying the strength of synaptic connections. Clearly state any underlying assumptions you may need to make for a given experimental approach. http://tonegawa23.mit.edu/quizzes/798quiz1.htm 3/11/2003...
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