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9.14, MIT, Spring 2009 Class #15-17 Questions on Schneider chapters and lectures: 1. For the mammalian midbrain, what are three outputs that influence specific types of movement? Name the structures where these outputs originate. 2. Locomotion is often initiated because of activity generated in what diencephalic structure? 3. Maintaining balance of the body during standing or locomotion depends on reticulospinal pathways from the hindbrain, and on two other descending pathways. What are they? 4. The midbrain tectum controls two major types of movements basic to survival. What are they? How do the output pathways for these two movements differ? 5. Grasping with the hands in large primates is largely controlled by neocortex. What brainstem structure appeared earlier in evolution and controlled this kind of movement? 6. Describe functions of the three major pathways or groups of pathways that were separately destroyed by surgical lesions in the Lawrence and Kuypers study of motor control in the monkey. 7. What is Deacon’s rule? What does it predict about the projections (outputs) of the optic tectum in birds, with a very large tectum, and nocturnal mammals, with a much smaller tectum? 8. Name a movement pattern in an animal or human that is largely under the control of hindbrain and spinal cord structures and is centrally generated, once it is triggered. 9. Name two brainstem cell groups or types that have very widespread projections to other parts of
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MIT9_14S09_prob15 - 9.14, MIT, Spring 2009 Class #15-17...

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