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MIT OpenCourseWare 24.08J / 9.48J Philosophical Issues in Brain Science Spring 2009 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit:
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GUIDELINES FOR PAPERS 1. All papers should be neatly typed, double-spaced, in an easily readable font (Times 12pt, for example). Please number your pages and include a word count at the end. 2. Papers should be within the specified page limits. If you have more to say than you can fit within the page limits, pare down your discussion: make sure you have stayed on topic and focus on the most important points for your argument. However, note that because this is a HASS-D course, you must submit a total of 20 pages during the term. 3. Be sure you address the question asked . All papers should be clearly organized around
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Unformatted text preview: one or more theses , and should provide arguments for them. 4. If you wish to attribute a position to an author we have discussed, be sure to check that the text supports your attribution. On controversial points you should cite textual evidence by page number (or section number if the text is in html). 6. You do not need to consult additional secondary sources. If you do, this must be acknowledged in the paper. If you relied on texts in your preparation which were not assigned reading, include reference to them in a bibliography at the end of the paper. 7. Papers are due at the date and time specified on the website. After that time papers will be considered late and will be penalized. 8. Make sure you are familiar with the sections of the syllabus about plagiarism and citations....
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MIT24_08Js09_assn06_paperguidelines - one or more theses ,...

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