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Unformatted text preview: Paper One: Writing for the public DUE TO YOUR TA BY 9AM ON FRI, SEPT 24 Topics: Note: You can write about a topic before you have heard the lecture on the topic The Paper One topic must be drawn from the materials relating to Lectures 1-6 / Chapters 1-6 For this paper, you need to imagine that you are writing a science news or feature article for publication in the science section of the newspaper. If you want to see a model, find the New York Times or the Boston Globe on any Tuesday and look at the science section. NOTE: The one BIG difference between your paper and a real article in the newspaper is that newspaper articles do not use bibliographic citation. You do, please. Step 1: Convince your "editor" If you were going to write an article for the newspaper, you would need to convince your editor that this was an article that he/she might want to publish. In this case, your TA is your editor. At least ten days in advance of the due date for the paper, you must give your TA a topic (just a sentence or two)...
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