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paper2 - Paper Two Taking the next step DUE TO YOUR TA BY...

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Paper Two: Taking the next step DUE TO YOUR TA BY 9AM ON FRI, OCT 8 Paper Two must be drawn from the materials relating to Lectures 7-16 / Chapters 8-12, & 14 For this paper, you goal is to identify a recent finding in the literature, come up with, and propose, a next step in the research program. Science is cumulative. Each finding suggests new questions. A lot of the work of being a scientist lies in figuring out that next step and persuading someone to fund it. Step 1: A short "letter of intent" If you were going to submit a grant proposal for research funding, you might first send a short note to the granting agency (e.g. the National Science Foundation) saying "I think I might write a proposal about X. What do you think?" If they think it is lame, you can save yourself a lot of time. So, pick a topic and send your TA a short note describing your plan. Do this at least ten days in advance of the due date for the paper. Your TA will tell you if this seems like a reasonable plan. Step 2: Write a "grant proposal"
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