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Paper Three: Rewriting the textbook DUE TO YOUR TA BY 9AM ON FRI, NOV 5 Paper Three must be drawn from the materials relating to Lectures 17-24 / Chapters 13, 15-17 For this paper, you goal is to draft a new piece for the Gleitman et al. textbook. The centerpiece of this paper will be a piece of textbook prose. Aim for a piece that would be like one of the sections with a reddish-brown title in the text. If that makes no sense, open to page 384 (to pick a random page). You want to write something that could be like the "Attribution as a rational process" section or the "Errors in the attribution process" section. Note that these are very different in length. Notice that different topics require different lengths of text. Pick a topic that will give you 6 manuscript (not 6 textbook) pages of material. Your paper should have the following parts. a. Rationale: Why is this topic something that really should be in an introductory text? NOTE: In coming up with an answer to this question, you may find that you need to
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