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9.09J/7.29J - Cellular Neurobiology, Spring 2005 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department of Biology Instructors: Professors William Quinn and Troy Littleton Problem Set #3 1. Define the relevance of the following terms to the course: Broca’s Aphasia: Spemann’s Organizer: Ephrins: Ventricular Zone: Lissencephaly: Rita Levi-Montalcini: Morphogen: Neural Crest Cells: Ocular Dominance Columns: Neuroligin: 2. Answer the following multiple-choice questions. Circle all that apply (a, a and b, b and d, etc). 2-1. Cranial nerves involved in eye movement include: a. CN II b. CN IV c. CN V d. CN VI 2-2. The following are components of the basal ganglia: a. Thalamus b. Putamen c. Amygdala d. Globus Pallidus 2-3. The following are receptors for morphogen or axonal guidance cues: a. Delta b. BMPs c. Numb d. Smoothed e. Frizzled f. Robo 2-4. Floor plate cultures that have been heat inactivated would be expected to: a. Attract dorsal commissural axons b. Repel dorsal commissural axons c. Have no effect on dorsal commissural axons 2-5. Monocular deprivation in young animals results in: a. A loss of binocular innervation of Layer 2/3 cortical neurons in the visual cortex b. A loss of activity of retinal ganglion neurons in the effected eye
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c. A sharping of ocular dominance columns in layer 4 2-6. Potential strategies to repair CNS damage include: a. Insertions of astrocytes into the sites of CNS damage b. Antibodies to block Schwann cell myelin proteins c. Steroids to prevent inflammation d. Inducing downregulation of GAP-43 Answer the following questions (For the problem set, answer them all; for the exam you’ll have some choices, ie answer 4 of 6). 3. You have recently noticed an alarming trend of pro-Bush supporters among your colleagues. You are convinced this aberrant behavior must be genetically based and wish to test this in a more stringent manner. Describe a well-controlled study to test the role of
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problem_set_3 - 9.09J/7.29J Cellular Neurobiology Spring...

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