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pysc final lilaa notes-5 - FINAL 10,11,12,14,15 Chapter 11...

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FINAL 10,11,12,14,15 § Chapter 11 § Metabolism and eating § Homeostasis* · 329- set point o homeostasis- maintaining closeness to people with whom we are deeply attached. § When you love someone and you haven’t seen them in a while, you are totally consumed by and only aware of your desire for closeness. You begin to feel trapped and tend to pull away. Then you want closeness again. CYCLE. Relationships like an accordion. § We are afraid of two things; everyone has these fears ú Losing the other person (abandonment) ú Engulfment (enmeshment)- going to lose ourselves if we are too suffocated; lose our identity, difficulty of telling where the boundary is · However conflict arises when one person wants to be close and one want to be away; who is going to control the closeness? § What turns hunger on · Not our stomach, the mechanism is that you have receptors in your brain that monitor blood sugar level; this is where hunger comes from · Hypothalamus 331 “there is no eating center” as it was long thought. · Meals eaten with other people were 75% larger than those eaten alone o There is a competition; when you are having a convo with people you give up if one person is talking too much, or there becomes a great competition for attention regarding speaking; anxiety goes up · Obesity- body weight 15% more than what it should be for one’s height o Obese people act less attractive; even though they can’t be seen they feel bad about themselves and act unattractive; push away love because of self-consciousness § Eat too much bc it is a way of handling anxiety; it is a drug; eat bc they don’t feel good about themselves; come across in ways that push people away although they don’t see that they do it. § Sex is more psychological than physiological · The problems people have when it comes to sex has to do with psychological problems § Twin boys; circumcision of one goes wrong and decide to castrate and raise him as a girl. Didn’t know but didn’t want to be a girl; John Money was involved; said that this instance validated his thoughts on sexuality; didn’t talk about the fact that the boy had problems; other boys who had the same accident were castrated all bc Money didn’t admit he was wrong. · Told his parents that Money had been sexually inappropriate with him and his brother for years; got reverse treatments (breasts removed, penis built, married) but committed suicide § Homosexuality is not 100% genetic; nothing really is; miniscule research has been done on this as compared to other theories § Presence is a quality of love; presence means that at this moment I am present, not thinking of past or future; just me and you; intensely interested with you; want to make this time rich and satisfying- both of us grow through this
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§ It is not true that some cultures do not have the need for sexual intimacy; this would mean that humans are fundamentally different which is untrue. § All people need to be with and communicate with other people.
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pysc final lilaa notes-5 - FINAL 10,11,12,14,15 Chapter 11...

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