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October 20, 2009 - Page 183 social learning, albert bandura, modeling - 1. Spreading activism - 2. Illustrates how our mind is always thru spreading activation tracing out all the various meanings of what is presented to us, tells us how the mind deals with ambiguity - 3. Tells us that much of our life and mental activity goes on outside our awareness - Page 212 schemas 2 nd paragraph - gist means the meaning - we remember the meaning as we assign of what happened- this supports the schema - Page 216 How accurate is long-term memory? Our long term memory is much more fallible and inaccurate because we remember what makes us look good as opposed to the truth. - Read Research in Depth section: Eyewitness testimony o You can do psychological experiments that are intended to insinuate what happens in the court room, although you know exactly what the person saw because you directed it, the ways you ask the questions can apparently influence what people remember o Some people don’t trust the facts in the experiment and are more skeptical therefore you cant really make sense of the experiment unless you figure out what part is a deception and what part is just people giving you what you want to hear Chapter Six End - Page 220- repressed memories of Sexual Abuse o The concept of repression is not at all controversial to the great majority of people who do clinical psychology o Repression is a face that is documented by millions of clinical observations o Very misleading o These clinical observations come from talking to people in a consulting room kind of setting… this is where the phenomenon is seen, o Academic psychologists say there is no firm experiment for repression and therefore because we can’t produce it in our labs it doesn’t exist. However, this can’t be true because repression does exist. All people use repression to deal with issues in their lives. o
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October 20 - Page 183 social learning albert bandura...

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