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General Psychology Test Three - Samantha Hod General...

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Samantha Hod General Psychology Test Three Chapter Ten: Fred’s Case: - Fred’s depressed…Loss of love!! o no friends o dead parents o wife left him o lost his job - He is disconnected from meaningful content - Fred knows he is fat but lacks motivation to change because he is depressed. - Willpower is not the agent of charge. We think education and willpower is what people need to change but this is false! Random: - Fundamental model of change is to raise awareness in context of creating loving relationships - People need to be treated with care and value in order to change - People resist change, must be humble to change, must be able to identify problems - Gives up an illusion that people are inadequate - Depression doesn’t predict suicide, hopelessness does - Hope is an aspect of love - Suicidal people must create options for hope - When people feel that there is one person who cares about them, they probably won’t commit suicide - Best motivator is love - Separation from love leads to aggression - The most powerful punishment is withdrawal of love - Anorexia is the most dangerous psychological character because it is a disconnection from genuine emotional contact with others - Give monkeys paint and paper and they will paint, give them a reward, next time you give them paint and paper they will paint and then expect a reward - Students do better in things they care about then those that just do it for the grade - Relationships that are about reward and punishment, are about control - We feel safer around those people who love us Psychodynamic Perspective: Freud - emphasizes the biological basis of motivation - humans are motivated by drives - drives = unpleasant tension states that build up until satisfied, according to behaviorist theory, an unpleasant tension state that motivates behavior, classified as either primary or secondary - Two Basic Drives
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o Sex – love, lust, and intimacy o Aggression – aggressive impulses and desires to control or master other people Changing Views of Motivation: - Psychodynamic views have changed since Freud - Two other motives o Need for relatedness to others o Need for self-esteem - Instead of dries, they same human motivation is based on wishes and fears o A fear is a representation of an undesired state that is connected with unpleasant feelings Unconscious Motivation: - Motives can be unconscious - Thematic Apperception Test {TAT} o A projective test consisting of a series of ambiguous pictures about which participants are asked to make up a story. Researchers then code the stories for motivational themes. Behaviorist Principle: - Drive- reduction theorists = the idea that motivation stems from a combination of drive and reinforcement in which stimuli become reinforcing because they are associated with reduction of a state of biological deficit. -
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General Psychology Test Three - Samantha Hod General...

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