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General Psychology Notes

General Psychology Notes - Samantha Hod Freshman Fall...

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Samantha Hod Freshman Fall Semester General Psychology Notes Dr. James 315 Tillet LC Hours: Thursday 9:30-12:00 [email protected] Syllabus posted at… Rci.rutgers.edu/~carltonj Teaching Assistant: KaiLu {[email protected] } Wednesday 6:00-7:00 pm 332 Busch Psychology Building Exams : 80 multiple choice questions, number two pencils 1. October 9 th - chapters 17,13,1-4 2. November 10 th 3. December 22 nd September 11, 2009 - The fundamental dynamic that governs people’s personality is on one hand we desire love and on the other hand we fear love because we fear rejection. - Human beings personalities are revolved around the fear of love and of being rejected that opening up to let love in. - Psychologists circle around the subject of love rather than directly talking about it because it such a complicated subject. - What we believe is already known and true, blinds us from discovering new things and new truths. We need to overcome our emotional commitments. - Love is very complicated and is the most difficult thing to understand. Love, similar to independence, can not be precisely defined. - Medication is not always needed because people can get better by changing the way they interact with others. Orientation of Love: - In order to love fully one has to “look to the light” and increase one’s awareness. - Love is a state of being in which feeling, thinking, and acting towards oneself, other people, and life promotes growth. - Interdependence = There is no such thing as an independent organism. Everything is connected to everything else. - One can create an environment that brings out the best in those around you or you can create a negative environment. 1. Love is a continuum , not an all or none thing. It is also impossible for one to love completely.
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2. The interdependence of your inner life, feeling, thinking, and acting. When you are in a state of oneness, you block everything out. a. Whole self b. Relation system c. Connection of attributes - Love is interconnection with other people and oneself. We must accept both others and ourselves. - Love is being in touch with who you are. Love and acceptance go together. - You can apply a whole bunch of attributes to love, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance… They are all connected. “Happy families are all alike, angry families are all different.” -Happy families stem from love and empathy. 3. Growth - the acid test= test that cannot be failed, the definitive test. Acid test to determine love is “Does this promote growth?” - Understanding love is recognizing that we are all equally important in our relationships. September 15, 2009 Mercantile Mentality: Four Ideas About Love: Destructive Common Beliefs, Misconceptions 1. Love means different things to different people. This is a lie! Tyranny of the “known,” This idea that is believed to be true, blinds people from discovering the truth. Nature of love.
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General Psychology Notes - Samantha Hod Freshman Fall...

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