Chapter 11 psych test notes

Chapter 11 psych test notes - Chapter 11 psych test notes...

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Chapter 11 psych test notes Cartesian Dualism: the doctrine of dual spheres of mind and body Biomedical Theory of Illness: A reductionistic view of illness, reducing disease to biological causes at the level of individual cells Times changed with Sigmund Freud, he believed that the mind and body ARE contributors to illness, (not just biological problems). Psychosomatic medicine: the idea that changes in physiology mediate the relationship btwn unconscious conflicts and illness. Biopsychosocial model: the idea that health and illness stem from a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. Health Compromising Behaviors A test went on to attempt to examine the practice of health compromising behaviors but also the relationship of these behaviors to morbidity and mortality. This study examined the practice of 7 health behaviors to 7000 people in California. ( all goof 7 health behaviors such as getting a good night sleep, eating well, under 10 % less body fat) Not surprisingly people who practiced these held fewer illnesses, and had more energy. = Good health habits and wellness are strongly correlated. Obesity - Problems stemming from obesity are not just from physical nature, but also from physiological difficulties as well, in large part from the sigma attached to obesity and by the discrimination experienced by obese individuals. - It is said that obese people will have a hard time marrying, getting a job, being treated with disrespect from medical doctors ect. Also it is said a normal weight person sitting next to an obese person at a job interview, is less likely to get the job bc they are affiliated with the fat person. - Higher BMI in women leads to severe depression, and suicidal thoughts , while Lower BMI in men lead to the same thoughts. This shows how society views men and women. -
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Chapter 11 psych test notes - Chapter 11 psych test notes...

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