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Intro to Dance Notes

Intro to Dance Notes - o Levels High medium low o Size...

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Intro to Dance December 1, 2009 Choreography: - Movement/sound are connected {folk tradition} - Choreography was given to you to interpret folk tradition - Renaissance… pre-classic forms o Dancing Masters – alphabet of predetermined steps, the dance master would give you a new order of prescribed steps, took something that already existed {folk tradition} and began to rearrange it o Ballet {Ballii} Academy de la Dance Scientific rational inquiry into dance, individualism Choreography stems from this Elements: - Theme and variations o Gesture - Space o Density Dispersal vs. dense
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Unformatted text preview: o Levels High, medium, low o Size Amplify vs. diminish o Pathway Diagonal, facing away, facing too, horizontal, vertical-Time o Rhythm Syncopation vs. regular o Tempo Fast vs. slow o Groupings Solo, duet, trio, small group, large group • Unison, canon, counterpoint Structure:-Section Development o In relation to sound and grouping-Repetition o Micro vs. macro-Telic- teleology o Story tending toward an ending and closure o Development of themes and variations toward closure-Ternary o Cyclical {ABA}...
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