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Dance Appreciation Notes - Samantha Hod Dance Appreciation

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Samantha Hod Dance Appreciation September 1, 2010 Hand signal – gesture= a movement that signifies something - Dance is filled with various gestures Quiz One: Football signals Dance Notation: - Founded by Rudolph Laban - Dancers have two things at a very heightened sense o Kinesthetic memory o Kinesthetic awareness September 29, 2010 QUIZ WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 6TH - Dance started as ritual dancing - Louis 14 th - classical ballet - Pushing boundaries, defining and redefining the rules - Classical Ballet – Russia {women is a princess up on the point shoes} - very light and mans job is to stand behind the women and make her look beautiful Important People: 1. Isadora Duncan - idea that dance is art and a way to express yourself - a time when women had few rights - dance to her was an art of liberation - mostly performed in Europe - first one to construct a dance - didn’t think of dance as art until Isadora Duncan - very funny, slept around 2. Ruth St. Denis - from New Jersey - influenced by the east - very wealthy woman , show girl 3. Martha Graham - the conflict between ones sensuality and the inhibition - a lot of use of the back from the breath - weighted movement
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- many contractions, invented it, circular curve of the spine - made up her own dance language {modern dance} - finding your own voice - student of Ruth St Denis - very serious - father was a psychologist - father said “movement never lies” 4. Katherine Dunham - African American - dancer and anthropologist - articulated torso -cultural dance, blended culture and background into modern dance
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Dance Appreciation Notes - Samantha Hod Dance Appreciation

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