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Personality Psych notes—got these notes from Gloria—sorry if they look confusing 1/22/10 1962-65: Univeristy of Arizona Advisor to the hotbed(?) of Behaviorism 1945-55 English department of Freud + Jung; prescientific Dr. Jack Cape Hart, Dr. Vincent Janpone > Mathematical Learning Theory (a game to be played) Freud + Jung = psychoanalysis- the exploration of personal worlds in unpredicted depth + detail- the discovery of the ultimate foundations of human nature 1945-55- Journal of Experimental Psychology ; Rats + Eye Blinks 3 courses revelation of the secret-Jung “that weird Jungian guy” a split Capehaut’s suicide by fire (2 parts to this) 1)his “soul mate” refuses him 2) Jempora’s suicide by gunshot 1965-69: Univeristy of Oregon Louis Berger – psychoanalytic dream research – Behaviorism strikes again ! Peter Lewisohn- a Skinnerian Approach to depression + its treatment Mickey Mouse Experimentation Two courses of study 1) Western Missouri Mental Health in Kansas City 2) Postdoctoral fellowship in clinical psychology Austin Des Lauriers – first great mentor- a teacher like no other Baptism , courtesy of a manic depressive patient -an active, playful very physical instructor to resolidify a space of the real -The experience of Reality in Childhood Schizophrenia -1964 = a phenomological approach focusing on the loss of the feeling of realness- of the world of the self George Atwood becomes a mini Austin Lauriers the most psychological catastrophe that can occur 1972- 2 great pathways open up for Atwood 1) Life of devotion to the severely mentally ill 2) Life of teaching, academics, writing colleagues, students Both were an approach Approach : Foundation on Western Mental Health Center Conflict: University of Calgary of Rutgers George Atwood finally chooses Rutgers but quits after a year to work with adolescent schizophrenics at the Deveraux Foundation then shifts back again Livingston College of RU -from 1972-1979 it was The golden Age of Personality Psychology 2 nd Great Mentor figure- Silvan Tomkius Affect, Images, Consciousness He’s the “hidden genius” of 20 th century psychology The Bam of Ideas G.A’s intro to Tomkin’s “George I see that loss plays a central role in your life!” The bolded statement above is George Atwood’s first analysis
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2011 for the course PSYCHLOGY 830 taught by Professor Jacobs during the Fall '09 term at Rutgers.

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personality psych notes - Personality Psych notesgot these...

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