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CHEM 1422 - Homework # 8 ANSWER KEY Organic & ChemDraw Due Friday, May 1 (by 3:00 PM) Please download ChemDraw from Tigerware (located under Scientific Software, Chemistry software) and install (along with the included Chem3D program) on your Windows or Macintosh computer. You need to register with CambridgeSoft using an LSU e-mail address in order to get a license key (serial #) for installing ChemDraw. I sent instructions on this via e-mail. Study groups can work together, as usual, but each student needs to E-mail their own typed report with ChemDraw structures to Prof. Stanley as a Word or PDF file. Prof. Stanley is available to answer questions about ChemDraw
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1422-hw08-Organic-ChemDraw-2009-ANSWERS - CHEM 1422 -...

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