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Honors Chemistry 1422 - Section 1 Spring, 2010 9:10-10:30 AM TTh E137 Howe-Russell Prof. George G. Stanley 614 Choppin Hall E-Mail: gstanley@lsu.edu Office phone: 578-3471 This class is Service-Learning required and Communication Intensive (verbal & technology components) Required Notes: Full copy of class lecture notes (including examples of previous homework assignments & exams with answer keys) that will be posted on Moodle & Prof. Stanley’s web site (free download) or purchased from the LSU Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS). I strongly recommend that you use a printed set of notes in class and annotate them with additional information presented during lecture. Recommended Text: Chemistry (9th ed) by Whitten, Davis, Peck & Stanley (Brooks/Cole publisher; ISBN-10 # 0-495-39163-8). But you can also use almost any general chemistry textbook (see me if you have questions as to the suitability of a specific textbook). Internet Web Site: http://chemistry.lsu.edu/stanley & Moodle . Class notes!! Assignments!! Announcements!! Exams: There will be three 80 minute “hourly” exams during class and a comprehensive final exam. Make-up hourly exams are available to students who have legitimate medical excuses or other reasons that are up to me to decide whether I consider valid. In order to be considered for a make-up exam you MUST contact me by 24 hrs after the exam. I can factor a missed exam (& homeworks, quizzes) out of your final % grade under special circumstances (once again up to me to decide). There will be a make-up Final exam, but you need to get permission from your Dean to take the make-up Final. The overall grading percentages are shown below: Three hourly exams: 30% (300 pts), Feb 11, March 18, April 29 (dates could change) Final Exam: 20% (200 pts), Tuesday, May 11, 10 AM - noon 25 in-class Quizzes: 10% (4 pts each, total of 100 points) Homework (Tech CI): 30% (10 homeworks @ 30 pts each, total of 300 pts) Service-Learning & Verbal CI: 10% (2 ChemDemo experiments for K-12 classes, 100 pts) ChemDemo Bonus assignment: 40 pts bonus (max) Bonus points can be revoked for poor class behavior 1 or 2 bonus quizzes: 4 or 8 pts bonus (max) This course is certified as a “Communication-Intensive Course” and meets all of the requirements explained on the CxC Web site: http://cxc.lsu.edu, including the following: Emphases on formal and informal assignments in written and visual communication, class time spent on communication, 40% of the final grade based on communication projects, revisions after faculty feedback on 2 formal projects (one for each emphasis), and a student/faculty ratio of 35:1. Because it meets these requirements, students may count it toward “Distinguished Communicator” certification on LSU transcripts. Quizzes:
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1422-Sylabus-handout-2010 - Honors Chemistry 1422 - Section...

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