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MIT OpenCourseWare 7.13 Experimental Microbial Genetics Fall 2008 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: .
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Care and Handling of PA01 fur mutants. Cultures are being sent to you as growing organisms on Brain Heart Infusion Agar. Streak them out as soon as they arrive and check their phenotypes as described below. Cultures of the mutants should be stocked in 12.5% glycerol in a nutrient broth such as BHI and frozen at -70C. Use a fresh overnight culture if possible for all your experiments. 1. All of these fur mutants are point mutations and they can and do revert. They revert at a higher frequency in media rich in iron. Their phenotype should be checked as often as possible (i.e. whenever you are doing an important experiment). There are two ways to check them that are relatively easy. Their phenotype on CAS agar plates with high and low concentrations of iron should be consistent with the photograph enclosed. The formula for the CAS plates is on the
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MIT7_13f08_lab04_Protocol_Care - MIT OpenCourseWare...

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