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Unformatted text preview: MIT OpenCourseWare 7.13 Experimental Microbial Genetics Fall 2008 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: . pT9 pT9 insert is a truncated form (1st 1142 nt) of xxxY from P. aeruginosa cloned into pPL17 using EcoR1(5) and BamH1 (3) Primers used to amplify insert from pTF2 (full xxxY clone) : 5 EcoRI xxxY 825: (5 TO 3) G GA ATT C C C GCC ACC ATG TCA ATG TCC (In bold is the EcoRI site, in italics is the RBS sequence, rest is coding sequence) 3 BamHI xxxY 1979: (5 TO 3) CGG GAT CCA TGG GCG TCT TAA AGT TG (Rev Comp of 3 BamHI xxxY 1979: CAACTTTAAGACGCCCA T GGATCC CG BamHI site is in bold, xxxY sequence is in italics and the additional T between xxxY sequence and BamHI site for maintaining correct reading frame for GFP fusion protein) Insert sequence cloned: atgtccatgtccgacaaccttttttctgacgatgaggtactttcaatttcctcaagcccagaacagcgatcttctccgttctacctcaatatatcgc ccatgtcccacggatcagacaattctcagattaatacagtcatcattaattcgaagaaattgccctcaaatcaagcagacataagtttaaaaaa...
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MIT7_13f08_lab24_ArchiveExample - MIT OpenCourseWare...

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