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NAME________________________________TA______________Section #______ 7.013 Problem Set 2 Solutions FRIDAY September 17, 2004 Answers to this problem set must be inserted into the box Problem sets will NOT be accepted late. Solutions will be posted on the web. Question 1 a) What is the molecule shown below? N N N N NH 2 O N N N NH 2 NH H N 2 N O N P - O CH 3 O N HN O O H C 2 O O O O O O - 2 O O O O P CH H C 2 O 2 O CH - O O O P P - O O O A C G T 5' 3' 3' 5' Purines Pyrimidines b) What kind of bonds are indicated by the gray lines? c) Identify the purines and pyrimidines shown. HYDROGEN Adenine Thymine Cytosine Guanine MIT Biology Department 7.012: Introductory Biology - Fall 2004 Instructors: Professor Eric Lander, Professor Robert A. Weinberg, Dr. Claudette Gardel
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Question 2 Harry studies plum tree genetics. He had a pure-breeding mutant strain of plum trees that has two unusual characteristics; the mutant tree produces figs instead of plums and there are huge spikes growing out of the branches. Harry crossed the mutant with a pure-breeding wild-type plum tree. The F 1 progeny produce figs, but have no spikes. F 0 : F 1 : a) For each pair, circle the dominant phenotype. Plums Figs Spikes No spikes b) Harry performed a backcross of an F 1 individual with an F 0 individual from the mutant strain. If there are 32 progeny trees from this cross how many trees have each of the following phenotypes? Figs, spikes ______16____ Figs, no spikes ______16___ Plums, spikes _____0_____ Plums, no spikes _____0_____ Harry performed a test cross of an F 1 individual (from the very first cross) with a tree exhibiting both of the phenotypes that you have identified as recessive. He got progeny with the following characteristics. Phenotype
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ps2a - MIT Biology Department 7.012 Introductory Biology...

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