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MIT Department of Biology 7.013: Introductory Biology - Spring 2005 Instructors: Professor Hazel Sive, Professor Tyler Jacks, Dr. Claudette Gardel NAME_______________________________________________________________TA________ 7.013 Spring 2005 Problem Set 4 FRIDAY April 8th, 2005 Problem sets will NOT be accepted late. Question 1 a) A friend knows you are taking 7.013 and therefore an expert on cloning, so he asks you to clone a cat for him. He suggests several cell types from which you could take the nucleus for the experiment. Match the cell types with your reactions and write a brief explanation of why you reacted this way. Use each letter once. A early stage embryonic cell B B cell (see Figs 18. 8 and 18.19.a, p.382-383) C Sperm D Neuron E Red Blood Cell i) “Forget it. I could do the transfer but we’d never get a viable clone.” ___________ ii) “Okay. Not a bad place to start.” _____________ iii) “Terrific! That will maximize our chance of success!” _____________ iv) “Are you kidding? I couldn’t even do the experiment with that.” _____________ v) “Hm…. I can try, but we’ll probably end up with one sick cat.” _____________ b) What will you transfer the nucleus into? 1
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1) 2) d) Which cells in the diagram below are stem cells? ________________ e) Which cell in the diagram above would you most want to use to obtain a nucleus for the cloning experiment above? Explain briefly. f) What is the difference between embryonic stem cells and stem cells from adults? g) The Massachusetts legislature is currently debating a bill that would make it much easier to do somatic cell nuclear transfer and stem cell research in the state. Do you personally think such a bill should pass or do you have concerns about it? Explain in three or four sentences. 2
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ps4s05 - MIT Department of Biology 7.013 Introductory...

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