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October 26, 2011 Angels in America: a) Its case of AIDS/HIV late 1970s b) 1 st name for AIDS: (GRID) gay related immune disorder a. Gay syndrome b. In US disease primarily associated with homosexual men c) After play is set Regan administration decided to do something about AIDS but federal funds were prohibited from being used in the AIDS cause a. From Regan administration d) Play- no one knew how it was transmitted, very mysterious, death sentence e) Us and France were 1 st countries to have $ and people to figure out AIDS a. Only countries left that kept research departments on topic f) Regan movements: a. Religious right b. Rise of religious conservatism g) Religion in America a. Melting pot a.i. Mormons- Joseph Smith visited my angle that advised him where to travel … became father of Mormonism; only religion to have sprung up on American soil a.ii. Jews a.iii. a.iv. Protestants a.v. Anglican – Virginia
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Unformatted text preview: b. Showed miscommunications among religions h) Ancestors a. Judaism is inherited through ancestors b. Defines how we got to US c. Who founded our religions d. What day we worship on Streetcar: a) Is she deluding herself? o She is trying to keep herself from the reality that she lost her job, husband and the author is rewriting memories in her head. o Reaction to residence of tarantula = depth that she is trying to fight for what happened o Constant of her trying to deny her past causes more damage. .. more effort it takes for energy that she has to exert to rewrite those memories. b) Blanch & Stanley antagonist towards each other c) Boy is the only one she shows unrestrained – where she can’t keep it under control o In her illusion she is playing a 16yrs old (young) Wants to go back before all drama d) Set production 1947 o Post WW2 o...
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