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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

The Caucasian Chalk Circle - tired in their pursuit after...

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Meshael Jones Wambui Ngari Brandi Doswell Rachael The Caucasian Chalk Circle – Scene II Given Circumstances: Who- Grusha Social Systems: Grusha is forced to pay a week’s wages to buy milk for Michael. This shows that Grusha is in the poor economic class. When she used the glacier water to ‘baptize’ Michael as a symbolism to strip him on his religious significance, is specified her religious beliefs. What- desperately fleeing from Ironshirts. The Ironshirts were obeying law/order to kill Michael (member of the royal family); this is why they were desperately after Grusha and did not grow
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Unformatted text preview: tired in their pursuit after her. When- Winter season, right after the Ironshirts attacked the city of the Caucasian village Where- fleeing up into the Northern Mountains Why- as Grusha was leaving the city she saw that Michael was left behind and immediately felt connected to him. She chose to risk her life and take Michael with her to protect him from the Ironshirts. Grusha took the route up the mountain to get to her brother on the other side....
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