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Venus response - wasnt too bad, it was just really complex....

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Venus By: Suzan-Lori Parks General Reaction: This was my first time reading this play. I was thrown off at first by how the scenes were numbered and whether or not I should read from the back to front. In general I though the play was hard to follow; I watched the first scene on YouTube which helped me gain a general understanding of the dynamics of the play. From further reading I thought the play
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Unformatted text preview: wasnt too bad, it was just really complex. Summary: The play talks about the life of a South African woman, Venus Hottentot. Venus Hottentot was a plus size woman that was exploited around Europe in a cage by a doctor who loved her. Questions (action, character, and plot): --Paragraph about a character or part of plot that made sense to me and why:...
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