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General Reaction: This is my first time reading Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Overall I thought the play was entertaining. There were many parts of humor in the play that I enjoyed. I did get a little lost in the dialogs with all the ellipses (…). It made it seem like everyone that spoke would get cut off mid-sentence. Summary: George and Martha are older married couple that was just returning from Martha father’s (director of the University where George works) place. Nick and Honey, a younger couple, come over really late in the night to look around the house. Martha is behaving unruly and has had too many drinks. Martha takes Honey around the house to look while George and Nick have a conversation. George attempts to get to know Nick, but really wants to give him a hard time. Nick is a biologist at the University concerning chromosomes. When Martha and Honey return, Honey reveals that Martha had mentioned a son that she and George had. This adds tension and suspense in the room between George and Martha. Martha in her drunkenness
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