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Chapter 1 Notes - Intro to Psychology Notes Chapter 1:...

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Intro to Psychology Notes Chapter 1: Introduction to the Science of Psychology The World of Psychology: An Overview o Psychology - the science that seeks to understand behavior and mental processes and to apply that understanding in the service if human welfare o Subfields of Psychology Positive psychology - field of research that focuses on people’s positive experiences and characteristics, such as optimism, happiness, and resilience Cognitive psychology -analysis of the mental processes underlying judgment, decision making, problem solving, imaging, and other aspects of human thought or cognition Biological psychology - analyze the biological factors influencing behavior and processes Personality psychology - focus on people’s unique characteristics Developmental psychology - seek to understand, describe, and explore how behavior and mental processes change over the course of a lifetime Quantitative psychology -develop statistical methods for evaluating and analyzing data from psychological research Clinical, counseling, and community psychology - seek to assess, understand, modify, and prevent behavior disorders Different from psychiatrists, who are medical doctors who specialize in abnormal behavior Educational psychology - study methods by which instructors teach and students learn and who apply their results to improving such methods School psychology - test, IQ, diagnose students’ academic problems, and set up programs to improve students’ achievement Social psychology - the study of how people influence one another’s behaviors and attitudes, especially in groups Industrial and organizational psychology - examine the factors that influence people’s performance in the workplace Health psychology - the study of the effects of behavior on health and the
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Chapter 1 Notes - Intro to Psychology Notes Chapter 1:...

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