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Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2: Biology and Behavior...

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Chapter 2: Biology and Behavior Biological factors are intimately related to all behavior and mental processes Biological Psychology -the study of physical and chemical changes involved in behavior and mental processes Two primary systems: nervous system and endocrine system o Nervous- receives information, sends messages from one part of the body to another, and begins actions o Endocrine- regulates internal activity of the body with glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream to control energy consumption , sexual functioning, reactions to stress, and the like Cells of the Nervous System o Nervous System - a network of billions of cells that detects what is going on inside or outside the body and guides appropriate responses o Neurons The nervous system is an information processing system with 3 functions Input- receiving information Processing- integrating the information with past experiences Output- guiding actions Neurons - specialized cells that send and receive messages/signals Glial cells - cells that hold the neurons together and help them communicate by directing their growth, keeping their chemical environment stable, providing energy, and secreting chemicals to help repair damage They are also capable of releasing chemicals that influence neurons, responding to chemicals from neurons, and changing in response to experience Like other cells, neurons have an outer membrane, nucleus, and mitochondria Outer membrane acts like a screen, letting some substances pass in and out and blocking others Nucleus carries genetic information that tells the cell what to do Mitochondria turn oxygen and glucose into energy Neurons have special structural and chemical features that allow them to communicate with each other They have long thin fibers that reach outward from the cell body. When the fibers get close to other neurons, communication
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Chapter 2 Notes - Chapter 2: Biology and Behavior...

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