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Book Notes 4 - Exam 4 Notes Child Maltreatment (pgs....

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Exam 4 Notes Child Maltreatment (pgs. 369-372) In a bioecological model o Microsystem - the immediate environment that an individual personally experiences o Mesosystem - the interconnections among immediate or microsystem, settings o Exosystem - environmental settings that a person does not directly experience but that can affect the person indirectly o Macrosystem - the larger cultural and social context within which the other systems are embedded o Chronosystem - historical changes that influence other systems Child Treatment - intentional abuse or neglect that endangers the well-being of anyone under that age of 18 Causes of maltreatment o Level of microsystem Low self-esteem Strong negative reactions to stress Poor impulse control Parental alcohol and drug dependence also increase the probability of maltreatment Abusive spousal relationship Certain characteristics of children low birth weight, physical or mental handicaps, and difficult temperament o Levels of mesosystem and exosystem Low family income High levels of unemployment Inadequate housing Community violence Family’s social isolation and lack of social support Consequences of Maltreatment o Less secure relationships with their parents, show less sympathy for other people, and have lower self-esteem o Elementary school- more aggressive and have more conflict with peers o Have difficulty maintaining friendships o At school, they are often anxious and inattentive and overly dependent on their teachers for approval and support o Adolescence and adulthood- are at risk for developing serious psychopathologies Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) o ADHD a syndrome that involves difficulty in sustaining attention o Children with ADHD tend to be of normal intelligence and don’t typically show
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Book Notes 4 - Exam 4 Notes Child Maltreatment (pgs....

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