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Comm 101 – 9/24/09 Complexities of Communication 1. Communication breakdown? communication iceberg 2. Visible aspects of communication interactants symbols media o permanence and portability 3. Invisible aspects of communication o meaning o learning first‐order information processing vs. second‐order information processing o subjectivity o negotiation o culture o interacting contexts and levels o self‐reference o self‐reflexivity o ethics o inevitability 4. Communication breakdown?
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Comm 101 – 9/24/09 Excerpt from “Chicken Dinner” – Communication Breakdown? 1 Shane: [Ca rs are stra:nde d, about thi rty something 2 p eople have die: d, 3 (0.7) 4 Nancy: Wo :w. 5 (0.4) 6 Shane: o Because of tha t, o 7 (0.3) 8 Vivian: Ye:ah.= 9 Shane: =Cause of the w eather, 10 Vivian: We're gonna call [ u p ] 11 Shane: [IT's in]sa [: n e . ] 12 Vivian: [We're g on]na 12a [call up some fri ends]= 13 Shane: [(sp thA:: d' ).] 14 Shane: =hih . hh[Was e igh]t[y degrees here the oth]er ]= 15 Vivian: [and say] [eigh ty d e g r e e s ]ihh] 16 Shane: =[day. ih hi h] [he 17 Vivian: =[hnhh heh-hu]h-h[uh 18 Nancy: O
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