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Comm 101 11/5/09 " Me , Myself and I " Perspectives on the Self 1. Who am I? psychological traits social identities master identities situated identities 2. Is self personality ,” constructed through communication , or…? 3. Personality The enduring self Finding personality the Communication Assessment quiz Traits 4. The self as socially constructed / constructed through communication A multiplicity of selves ( authenticity? ) 4.1 Historical views of the Self ( from Gergen , The Saturated Self , 1991) o Romanticism o Modernism o Post - modernism multiphrenia
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Unformatted text preview: – fragmentation of self 4.2 Goffman , The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (1971) o impressions given o impressions given off o impression management 4.3 Gender as socially constructed • Agnes ( Garfinkel , Studies in Ethnomethodology 1967) 5. How do we find out who we are? • Self-concept • The looking-glass self ( Adam Smith; Charles Horton Cooley ) • self-fulfilling prophecies • The Johari Window • self-disclosure 6. How do real people in the real world think about “ self ” ?...
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