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Mediated Comm - midterm studyguide

Mediated Comm - midterm studyguide - What is Mediation The...

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What is Mediation : The process or means by which something is transmitted, channeled, and filtered via some technological form or medium. Mediated environment promotes changes in the way people apprach communication and alters perceptions and settings of time and space. Examples: text messages, chat rooms, email, blogs, facebook, myspace, but also TV, games, online news websites. Perspectives: Face-to-face (Rich) communication are physically present. Mediated (Lean sometimes) communicators mayn ot share same phsyical environment. Face-to-Face takes place at that moment. Mediated communication is not limited to here and now. Watzlawick's Axiom : 1 cannot NOT communicate. McCluhan: Canadian professor, philosopher. Published 7 texts of media/mediation. Medium is the Message. The medium of the message changes the pace and pattern or scale of the actual message and therefore becomes it. Technological Determinism: Technology is an external force that impacts social life and alters history. Dystopian view of technology: It weakens the quality of social interactions, not real communication, and deceptive. Utopian view of technology: Allows for new relationships, creates equality, brings families together. Social Determinism: Technologies are constantly reinterpreted by users and allow new uses to achieve social goals. Affordances View: Users negotiate with producers; focus on affordances of technology. Early development of computers is laregely attributed to process of “bricolage” .. Spontaneous activity and action breaking with tradition or expected norms... Tinkering. Early forms of CMC: Electronic mailing lists, MUD's, MOO's, IRC (internet relay chat) ARPA ARPANET (1969) SF Lovers: Sci-Fi Lovers – Sparked the development of online tools, communication, etc.
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