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Crim Just Study Guide: 1 st Amendment: freedom of speech/religion. 4 th unreasonable Search and Seizure. 5 th self incrimination (double jeopardy) 6 th Right to Counsel: Speedy trial. 8 th Cruel and Unusual punishment./bail Uniform Crime Report: FBI defines homicide to include murder and non negligent manslaughter. Part 1 of the UCR are murders and robberies, and arrests aren't always made. Part 2 = drugs and carrying weapons; arrests are always made. Hierarchy Rule: when more than 1 part 1 offense is classified, the offense highest on the hierarchy is the one that is counted. National Crime Victimization Survey: People who get robbed, raped, assaulted or stolen from do not necessarily report the crimes, however, they do happen and it is taken into account. Costs of Criminal Victimization: the 2 types are monetary and human. Monetary is criminal justice system operating costs, and offender processing costs. Human refers to the lost lives and unused human potential. FBI: They have jurisdiction over all federal crimes that are not sole responsibility of a different agency. Postal Inspectors are the oldest federal agency. Sentencing: The judge has the discretion to sentence the offender to a wide range of options Prison Pop.: the American correctional system is the most populated in the world. Two types of Victim Assistance: 1 st is under the auspices of a city (usually an office) major goal is to alleviate the stress and trauma who testify in court. 2 nd operates under the auspices of a non profit social service agency, or a police dept. or a probation dept. Mandatory Statues for sentencing: When a crime is committed, there is a certain amount of time that must be granted to the offender given by the judge. Community Policing: is a philosophy. An alternative to traditional policing, more preventative. Fruits of a poisonous tree: evidence obtained illegally.
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crim just. study guide - Crim Just Study Guide: 1st...

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