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jew study guide final - Readings Efron pp 75-91 Zealots...

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Readings: Efron, pp. 75-91 – Zealots, First Revolt, Second Revolt, early Christianity Efron, chapter 5 – Rabbinic Judaism Efron, chapter 6 – Jews under Islam Efron, chapter 7 – Jews under Christendom Fine, “Synagogue” (Sakai 08) Levine, “Synagogue” (Sakai 09) Geller, “Karaites” (Sakai 10) Somekh, “Jews under Islam” (Sakai 11) Online Course: Yadin, “Introduction to Rabbinic Literature” Why do they use temple as reference point? Waiting for temple to be built or replacing priests. Shema – when the priest would eat their offering. Assumes that you already know you have to recite it. Course Packet, Part Two: CP, 29-30 – Legal issues separating Qumran sect from their What do opponents, as seen in the Temple Scroll and the MMT text. Qumran sect is stricer than rabbis in this Skins of the sacrificed animals were used as vessels to transport wine to temple. (normal practice) Qumran states you cant kill mother and fetus on same day. Common jews did because they believed the fetus was an organ of the mother. CONTINUOUS STREAM CP, 31 – Pesher Habakkuk texts Short biblical book. In chapter 2 there is a statement that the righteous shall live by his faith. His referring to the righteous at the beginning of the verse. In the dead scroll pesher they interpret it differently. The “his” means the righteous person shall live by faith in the teacher of righteousness. Habakuk wrote it as a 2 person passage, righteous and God(his). Qumran community made it 3 party, righteous person, the teacher, and that persons faith in god. This is exactly the theology of faith in Christianity and it is this verse which isquoted 3 times in new test to prove that point. Shows early Christianity and essene groupe have much in common. Commentary on biblical writings CP, 35 – Essenes-DSS-Christianity chart, especially as updated and sent to you as an attachment in advance of Exam Two
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CP. 36-37 – Matthew 1 Traces jesus’ geneology back to david – all jews agreed the messiah would be a descendent of king david. Must prove his geneology At the end of ch 1 when jesus is born, the gospel writer quotes a passage from isiah the virgin shall give birth as if that passage some how speaks to the birth of jesus. Using biblical passages to justify current events. relate Jesus' birth, life and mission ch 10- an account of Jesus passing on the mantel of leadership to his disciples---> spread his teachings "go nowhere among the gentiles, nor even among the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel" gentiles - pagans (derogatory at the time); Greco-roman religion a Jewish religious message to be taught to Israel church canonizes these writings---> in retrospect becomes Christian at the time of the writing, Jesus in no way speaks about Christians; just about Israel CP, 38 – Josephus on Jesus o c. 90 CE o passage 1 the way the text occurs in the greek manuscripts that we have of Josephus "if, indeed, one can call him a man" (p 38) can't be Josephus' words. No
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jew study guide final - Readings Efron pp 75-91 Zealots...

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