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Jordan Lefkowitz Intercultural Communication 2/21/11 According to my Implicit Association Test, I have a strong affiliation with European Americans with American and Asian American with foreign compared to Asian American with American and European American with Foreign. I think that I may have answered fast when I saw European Americans associated with American pictures, rather than when I saw Asian American associated with American pictures. I don't believe that this test changed my perception of myself at all. I still believe that I see Americans equally throughout. I took the Asian American test because I grew up in a town called Fort Lee which is in New Jersey. The town is a very diverse town, much like Rutgers is. It is a large melting pot of culture, and diversity, with an inclination towards Asian American people. By taking this test, I wanted to test my subconscious with the population that I grew up around.
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Unformatted text preview: In no way do I think any different. I have Asian friends, which I guess me just saying that, is a form of “tokenism” racism, however, I hold no grudges whatsoever against any different culture or race living in America. I've taken this test before in a sociology class last semester. However, last semester it wasn't Asian Americans, it was the African American test, and I can't quite remember what the results were, but I believe it wasn't a “strong association,” which I received from the Asian American test. I think I got a “strong” result because most Asian Americans I know are first generation American. Meaning their parents immigrated here from an Asian country, and then gave birth to their children. So in my eyes, a majority of the Asian people living in this country, come from another country, which I guess I have associated them with being “foreign.”...
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