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Unformatted text preview: 192:354: Mediated Communication Fall 2011 Deciphering Scientific Studies • • • • • • Introduction and Overview o What is the primary theme of the article? o What are the relevant theories? Literature Review o What does previous research say about the research questions? o What are the strengths of previous studies? o What are the weaknesses of previous studies? Hypotheses / Research Questions o What is the central research question? §༊ Are there secondary research questions? Method o What is the primary method? Quantitative? Qualitative? o How large is the subject pool / sample size? o How significant are the results? §༊ Variance explained? §༊ Confidence intervals / effect size? Results o What are the findings with regards to the hypotheses? Conclusion o What are the implications of the findings? o How do the findings relate to / address / weaknesses in existing literature? Reinforce strengths? o What are the practical implications of the research findings? ...
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