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Unformatted text preview: COM354: Mediated Communica3on Media&on Sept. 6, 2011 Prof. Ma?hew Weber Class #2: Media3on • A few reminders, etc. • What is media3on? • Thinking about theories – Technological determinism 2 What is computer mediated communica3on? • Susan Herring (1996): – CMC is communica3on that takes place between human beings via the instrumentality of computers 3 Is CMC impoverished? CMC Absent/reduced Nonverbal cues FtF Present Condi3on of A?endance Being physically removed Physical co ­presence from each other Control of Messages Messages can be distributed around the globe Distribu3ons of messages are constrained 4 What is media3on? • The process or means by which something is transmi?ed, channeled, and filtered • Technology as a mediator influences communica3on within mediated environments • The mediated environment promotes changes in the way people approach communica3on – and alters the percep3ons and se]ngs of 3me and space • What can be mediated? – contextual filters: psychological, social and cultural 5 What is media3on? • Media3on, media3za3on, medialisa3on, mediaza3on • A repurposed term  ­ no longer meaning concilia3on – technological intermediaries / intermedia3on – “interposed to transcend the limita3ons of 3me and space” • Medialisa3on? the metaprocess by which everyday prac3ces are shaped by media3ng technologies 6 What is media3on? • How does media3on by technology impact individualiza3on? • Can the media3on of microprocesses influence macrohistorical changes? How? 7 Media3on: Through the Medium • Marshall McLuhan (1911  ­ 1980) – Canadian professor, philosopher – Published 7 major texts of media and media3on – One of the “celebrity academics’ of the 1960s • Interviewed by Playboy Magazine • Gave a lecture to Congress 8 Media3on: Through the Medium • Marshall McLuhan  ­ Medium is the Message 9 Media3on: Through the Medium • Marshall McLuhan  ­ Medium is the Message 10 Media3on: Through the Medium • Marshall McLuhan  ­ Medium is the Message – What is meant by “the medium is the message” – What is meant by “the medium is the massage” – What characteris3cs of the Internet as a medium are relevant when thinking about the internet as a message/massage? 11 The Medium is the Message • The message of any medium or technology is the change of scale or pace or pa?ern that it introduces into human affairs. The railway did not introduce movement or transporta3on or wheel or road into human society, but it accelerated and enlarged the scale of previous human func3ons, crea3ng totally new kinds of ci3es and new kinds of work and leisure. This happened whether the railway func3oned in a tropical or northern environment, and is quite independent of the freight or content of the railway medium. (McLuhan, Understanding Media, NY, 1964, p. 8) 12 Next week: • Our first full week – History of ICTs, CMC – Core theories, con3nued • Two ar3cles to read for Tuesday: – Rheingold online chapter – Carr (2008) 13 ...
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