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Unformatted text preview: Personal Rela+onships Online Reading for Thursday - 9/27 • CMC Ch. 13 • Turkle Ch. 6 - Love’s Labor Lost 2 Personal rela8onships online • Different types of rela@onships – roman@c, friendships, familial – long- distance / proximate • Stafford & Canary (1991) - Typology of rou@ne behavior in rela@onships – – – – – Posi@vity Openness Assurances Sharing tasks Networks 3 Affects of CMC on interac8on in personal rela8onships • Does internet use detract from @me spent with friends and family? • To what extent are people engaged in online rela@onships? • Does the internet affect neighborhood community? 4 Networked individualism • Rela@onships are both local and long distance • Personal networks are sparsely knit but include densely knit groups • Rela@onships are more easily formed and abandoned • While homophily s@ll exists, many rela@onships are with people from different social backgrounds • Some social @es are strong, but many more are weak 5 ...
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